18650 lithium rechargeable battery(purple)

18650 li-ion battery


Length: 68cm

Weight: 45g

Battery instructions for use

Do not heat the battery or thrown into the fire.

Do not use a metal conductor short-circuit the battery positive and negative.

The battery do not decompose.

Not directly on the battery to be welded.

The battery should be in places away from the static charge, use and storage.

If electrolyte leakage into your skin or clothing, immediately wash with water.

If the electrolyte is seeping into your eyes, do not rub your eyes immediately with clean water and see a doctor.

Put the battery out of the reach of children to avoid swallowing.

The temperature of the battery in use can not exceed the following requirements:

Charging temperature range: 0  ~ 45 °c

Discharge temperature range: -20  ~ 60 °c

Certificate:MSDS Report